To create a peaceful and empowering environment for your children and the community, please follow these studio etiquette guidelines:

  • Be Timely. Arrive at least 5-10 minutes before class to prepare and settle. Leaving class early is strongly discouraged. New parents and students please arrive 10 minutes before class. Late entry is not permitted.
  • Be Clean. Please have your child wear clean and comfortable clothes to class. Neatly organize any gear near the SHMAT located at the front of every class. If your child tends to sweat a lot, bring a towel to wipe down the area when class is over. Food or drink other than water is strictly prohibited.
  • Be Peaceful. Turn off your cellphone and electronic devices when you arrive for pickup. We will most likely be in the middle of Meditation and do not want to disturb the peace.
  • Be Respectful. Respect the silence of the rooms before and during class. As we practice mindfulness with each other, we will be aware of the actions and energy we transmit to those around us.
  • Be a Student. Remember, It’s About Creating Beautiful Poses, Not Perfect Ones. Follow instructions and have fun.
  • Practice. Practice together at home, at a park, or even a restaurant. Create lasting memories together.